Guides from China to teach you how to prevent infection from corona virus

Here in China the virus situation is just turning better since Middle of March, mainly some new cases of COVID19 from overseas increased recently. But overall the situation seems under control now. But so sad to see it start effect so many countries badly, the horrible increasing numbers in US and many other countries just make people feel panic and anxiety more or less. Many people may feel anxious and desperate for the virus, in the past 2 months we experienced exactly the same. So here we want to share some our experience with our overseas friends and customers about how we spend the past 2 months hard time in China. 

From the statistics data, the mortality of affected coronavirus is around 2%. More than 93% can be cured after affected. So the virus is not so horrible, just like the flue which happened often. 

But the spreading of coronavirus is strong. During the epidemic, our government suggests us to stay at home and don’t go out. Coz if many people are affected at the same time, there is not enough bed and doctors in the hospital. Most people lost their life coz can’t be treated at the peak time. 

At the same time, when find the affected people, our government will find all the people he have met and contacted before, ask them to stay at home, after 14 days, if no any symptom related to virus, that means safe. 

If they are affected and not serious, they can use Chinese traditional medicine or medicine from the hospital, stay in separate room to recover. If not serious, many can recover during this period. 

If we don’t worry too much, keep good mood and do more (indoor) sports to keep healthy and don’t go out often, even we need go out, we will wear masks and disinfected the clothes with 75% alcohol after getting back home. There is nearly no chance to be affected. 

And during the time we stay at home, enjoy the time together with family, coz it is hard to find much time with family during work time. At the same time I read lots of books and learn psychology course. Besides, try to make your home clear and cozy will also very helpful, in my home, I place 4 pink Himalayan salt lamps at home, the warm light just make my staying at home very relax and comfort. Some of my friends become volunteers and help to import masks and protect suits abroad. Find some things to do will make us feel much better.

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I can't ask you please don't worry, i know it's difficult under current circumstance, but please stay positive, we are sure all will past soon. And China will also help and share all the experience. We are all connected on the same earth. Hope everything will recover normal ASAP.

At the last, we share some simple but workable tips to prevent infection from corona virus:

1. stay at home, stay at home, stay at home

2. if do need go out, wear mask always (N95, KN95 or 3-layer medical mask only) Do not touch your nose /eyes by hands before you well washed hands

3. wash hand first back home, take-off mask in a "right way", you can find many clear instruction on line, about what's the "Right way" to take off mask

4. change clothes right away after take off mask, hanging at the balcony under sunshine

5. avoid any crowded place, like subway, airport, super market.

6. share with you one link " WeDoctor" with you. No matter how politics and goverment acts, China is ready to contribute to global fight against COVID-19

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Post time: Apr-01-2020

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