Home outfit USES what kind of stone material commonly, what respect should notice when stone material choose and buy?

More and more people can choose home to install stone material to decorate when decorating, the home that has natural colour and lustre installs stone material to be put in the home, increased the sense of a cent nature. About what stone material does home outfit use commonly?

stone material Decor

Home stone knowledge a, high quality home stone material to see the surface

The quality of natural stone depends on the quality and processing technology of raw materials. The surface of high grade home outfit stone material, do not contain too much noise color, cloth color is even, did not have suddenly light suddenly thick situation, and the home outfit stone material after qualitative second course is processed can have a lot of cannot cover “defect”, say so, the decorative pattern tonal of stone material surface is the important index that evaluates stone material quality bad or bad. If processing technology and craft do not pass, the finished product after processing can appear warping, depression, spot, blot, lack edge to drop the phenomenon such as Angle, crack, color line, pit socket, such home to install stone material to be not calculate of course “top grade”.

Second, the ground decoration to avoid “dim”

Decorate the home that USES to install stone material, do not make the home “day is faint the ground is dark”, the home that should choose those light color installs stone material to regard the ground as adornment material, can give a person a kind of warmth, quiet feeling, and still have the effect that expands ground area.

Say from breed, the marble that should choose those wear-resisting, be able to bear acid alkali as far as possible kind and granitic kind stone material. Look from the price, the series of light color granite with large output is cheaper, suit general income family choose and buy, the part that changes damage or not is batcher. Say from plank specification, the ground should choose granite sheet as far as possible (8 ~ 12 millimeter), this basically is the intensity that considers the ground and building bear weight two respects factor.

marble stone slab

Knowledge of home outfit stone material 3, mesa color wants to be able to bear dirt

Home outfit stone material decorates things to enter a family, more is the mesa that makes all sorts of furniture, this is about to consider pollution problem, want to choose the home outfit stone material of a few deep color consequently, resemble the marble of green, blue, gules series, granitic all but, those contain the breed of big decorative pattern in marble, adornment effect can be some better.

If the operation mesa of the kitchen needs to use stone material, answer to choose thick board 25 millimeter, had better use granite. Because granite is in the environment of kitchen overmuch acid, alkali, can wear well do not lose luster again, have quite tall intensity

Knowledge of home outfit stone material 4, the shop is installed maintain one set

Because domestic outfit stone material is natural product, the decorative pattern of each plank, colour and lustre characteristic is different, must pass spell flower (color), make decorative pattern, colour and lustre gradually outspread, transition, ability achieves the harmony on integral colour. After assembling the suit, it should be numbered immediately so as to be in position according to the number when installing. Number can stick stick or write directly with wood crayon on board, but avoid by all means to use liquid crayon to write mark on SLATE face, otherwise, in coloured liquid infiltration stone material, can leave the mark that wipe not to drop.

Summary: what everybody installs stone material to the home overall has a few understanding, arrive from choose and buy installation to maintain, need everybody learns a few relevant knowledge, in order to avoid oneself suffer a deficit.




Post time: Sep-16-2019