Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Magic Stone, focus on natural stone only.


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Our Advantages

100% authentic stone

Focus on stone only, large number of raw material supply channels, especially for granite, basalt, marble, Himalayan salt, jade and crystal, semi-precious stone and so on.

Life-long after sales service

Each stone design produced by Magic Stone is precious, unique, long lasting and collectable, we are confident to provide a life-long after sales service for our customers.

6 times Quality Control

From 1st select raw material, 2nd cutting, 3rd shaping, 4th polish, 5th assembling, to 6th packing, we have strict quality checking during each process, to ensure quality above the industry standard.

Mature logistics system

Worldwide shipping service, be able to provide proper shipping solutions and deal with a variety of unexpected situations.

Environmental Friendly

Mining legally and properly, recycles a large variety of discarded stone to make fine crafts, turning “waste” into “wealth.” We insist on environmental protection and show the beauty of nature.

Energetic and trustable team

With the deep love and passion on natural stone, our young and energetic team, lead and inspired by senior experienced carving masters, to pursue the details of excellence, and inherit the craftsman spirit - patience, Focus, and persistence.

Our Mission

Use carved stone products with natural energy to heal the world, bring beauty back to simplicity.

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