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  • The Boulder & Cobble Stone Flower Pot for your Home & Garden Decoration

    Recently, we have received one inquiry for Cobble Stone Flower Pot from Korea customer.  Now we are making the samples for the customer to check goods quality. Then today I would like to talk about our main natural stone products, the Cobble Stone Flower Pot.  One of the main stone raw material t...
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  • The top selling granite birdbaths from Magic Stone

    Last night, we received the thanks mail from one of our Germany customer. Who is mainly importing the Granite Birdbath from Magic Stone each year. The loyal customer said the new products look good. And everything is as they imagined. Frankly speaking, I am deeply touched when I saw it. Thus toda...
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  • 74 sets Basalt Water Fountains are shipping to the USA

    Basalt Columns and water fountains are always the top selling item in the USA market. Today, 74sets basalt column and water fountains  are shipping from China port to the USA.  Here are the loading photos since last Saturday.                                                  Besides, sharing some...
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  • The Snow White Pebble Stone for Lanscape & Garden Decoration

    Recently, we received several inquires for pebble stones. Except for the main pebble stones that we do, today I would like to share another snow white pebble stones that is very popular now. Here are the photos for better review in adavance.              From the picture you can see, this style ...
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  • The Most Popular Snow White Pebble Stones from Magic Stone

    Recently, we received several inquiries for pebble stones. Except for the main popular pebble stones that we genereally share, today I would like to introduce the another snow white pebble stones. Which is very suitable for landscape decorating.                                                  Fr...
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  • 79 sets Granite Water Fountains exported to Oakland

    A comprehensive range of natural stone water features which includes Granite, Basalt and Marble. Most are highly durable water features however when carved from solid granite they will withstand exposure to the elements and last a life time. Today, 194sets Granite Water Fountains were loaded into...
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  • Natural stone table and benches for a park

    What kinds of natural stone products that you want seeing in a park? Benches? Human Statues or Lanterns? This August i moved to Xiamen. Which is a city that is famous for tourist. Of course, it's a very beautiful city in China. There is a park near my house. One day I rode my bike and found there...
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  • Natural stone lanterns for garden landscape decoration

    Natural stone lanterns for garden landscape decoration

    The landscape light not only has good lighting function, but also has high ornamental. Its unique artistic creativity creates a higher artistic conception of the landscape, brightens people's eyes, and becomes a "Star" in the night sky.   If the garden landscape is a beautiful face, then the ligh...
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  • Water features will be the highlight in your garden

    Water features will be the highlight in your garden

    Water feature is very suitable for garden decoration, it will be the highlight in your whole garden. It can transform a space and create an tranquility and serenity atmosphere. Water feature can moistens the surrounding air, reduces the dust, lowers the temperature, beautifies your garden environ...
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  • Animal sculpture is an art derived from life.

    Animal sculpture is an art derived from life.

    Animal sculpture is an art derived from life. It attaches importance to details, color matching, texture depiction. Animal statues restore the real state of animals and present a personalized effect. Animal carvings reflect the designer's unique keen observation to the natural world, so that the ...
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  • Stone planter expresses the artistic and natural beauty!

    Stone planter expresses the artistic and natural beauty!

    The style of bonsai is elegant, colorful, and full of interesting creation and pictorial expression. It can fully express the beauty of nature, highly create the beauty of art and artistic conception, and convey the spirit of nature.                                     Bonsai is a work of art tha...
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  • Environment-friendly garden products

    Environment-friendly garden products

    We are an exporting Chinese supplier, focusing on natural stone works which is very environment-friendly and beautiful. We use various natural stones to make exquisite stone carvings. Believing they are necessary decorations for home and garden and landscape.                              People p...
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