Which country did the stone lamp originate from?

Stone lanterns were the earliest lamps used by our ancient ancestors of the Chinese nation. In ancient times, natural stone lamps did not need any natural appearance. It’s the original stones. At that time, stone lamps were used for lighting purposes, not for decoration by modern people.


Now with the changes of the times, the progress of carving technology. The lamp has changed from a single stone lamp to a diversified style. There are column type, horizontal type, original stone lamp and solar lamp.


Which country did the stone lamp originate from?

The earliest rudiment of the stone lamp was the light which lits before the Buddha in China, which is the “Light Offerings”. This form was introduced into Japan through Korea at that time. With the introduction of Buddhism into Japan in the 13th year of Emperor Qinming. The superb manufacturing technology of stone lanterns was also introduced into Japan, and was passed on and carried forward in Japan. Some past exquisite stone lamps in temples were used as sample records to imitate sculpture, which has formed various designs of stone lamps in modern.


Today's Japanese style stone lamps are small and exquisite, embellished in our courtyard, making people pursue the simplicity and nature with some hand-made artistic flavor, reflecting the perfect combination of man and nature.


Written by Michelle Yan

Post time: Sep-17-2022

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