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On July, 16536pcs Antique Slice Bricks are loaded into container safely. The sky is blue. Here we would like to share some photos for your reference in advance.

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This batch including the slice bricks and the whole large bricks.  Antique Slice Bricks will be put into carton box firstly. And then we will use the plastic wrap and seaworthy fumigated wooden crate to fix the Antique Slice Bricks in good condition.

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The Grey Antique Bricks you see is made of the original old brick materials, which are fired at high temperature. The old bricks are endowed with different characters by cutting, washing, selecting, polishing and other processing. The surface of each brick is the product of natural weathering and does not need to be treated again. More importantly, after the baptism of time and years, the unique sense of vicissitudes and time for old bricks is what modern people yearn for and love, and it is also the nostalgic value pursued by tasteful designers and customers.

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Except for this Grey Antique Slice Bricks, Magic Stone has a full range of more than 50 products, including green brick piece natural surface, old green brick piece brick heart, red brick piece surface, refractory brick piece, red and blue mosaic, shaped processing, mixed tile, waist line, etc., and old green brick piece, old red brick piece, mosaic as the main force, dedicated to home furnishing, industrial backdrop series of products with the application of research and development.

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