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Today, one 20FCL Granite Birdbath  were loaded into the container and transported to Xiamen port.  These amazing goods will be shipped to Netherlands. Here are one photo for your review in advance.

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This cute ground level bird bath has a really nice broad rim for birds to land on and comes in three natural stone colors: light gray, dark gray & pink. (I personally love the look of the gray granite.) As another item that is hand made from naturally occurring stone, its dimensions and shades may vary slightly from piece to piece, but that means you’re getting something unique! Birds will love your garden

As a smaller bird bath, the bowl on this one is 1.5 – 2 inches (about 4 to 5 cm) deep and only about 13.8 inches (35 cm) wide. That limits its use to fewer and smaller birds, but it could be just right for a hidden side-garden, a balcony or a patio. The whole unit is about 14 inches (35 cm) wide and 14 inches (35cm) tall, weighs about 47 lbs (27 kg), and is made in China.

Granite Birdbath - Magic Stone(1) Granite Birdbath - Magic Stone(2)









By the way, here we would like to share some information about the questions for natural stone birdbath.  Hoping it can help you when you choose the right stone birdbath for your garden.

1. Why do birds bath?

Birds take a bath, several a day when they can get them, to rid themselves of parasites that can eat their feathers or cause infections and disease. Ticks, lice, mites, fleas, and other icky, creepy, crawly, and generally gross stuff can pass along viruses, bacteria, and protozoa that can kill a bird fast.

2. What color attracts birds to a bird bath?

Gray, brown and green – Doves, quail, thrushes and other ground feeders. Orange – Orioles and hummingbirds. Red and pink – Hummingbirds. Yellow – Goldfinches, warblers, and hummingbirds.

3.  What colors are birds afraid of?

One color that the majority of birds avoid is white. A dull or bright white signals and danger to birds, causing them to avoid those areas.

4. What is the best color for a bird bath?

The best colors to paint a bird bath are any bright or primary colors. These colors include gray, black, pink and red to attract hummingbirds,orange to attract orioles, blue to attract bluejays, and yellow to attract goldfinches. Drab camouflage colors like green can attract skittish birds.

5.  How do you clean a granite birdbath?

Dump out any old, stagnant water. Remove any large deposits of spilled seed, feces, debris, or other contaminants. Use a solution of part distilled white vinegar to nine parts water to scrub the birdbath thoroughly. Scrub the basin, lip, and any area of the birdbath where the birds can land, perch, drink or bathe.

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Post time: May-11-2022

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