Jan 6th 2022 boulder stone owl

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Owls are also known to symbolize intuition, change, and time. The owl, as a spirit animal, is known to help people make difficult or important decisions.















In Feng Shui, an owl symbol is a source of good luck, wisdom, knowledge, and protective energies. The ancient Chinese philosophy also regards the owl as a powerful totem to attract prosperity and abundance. This nocturnal bird is widely known to be a protector in the Indo-European culture, and in Greek mythology, the goddess Athena is depicted in the owl form. So whether you want an owl for a little wisdom, protection, or just because they are just so darn cute, they make a great addition to any yard or garden. Maybe even add an entire owl family!
















Our cobble and boulder stone animal are truly remarkable. These animals come to us from natural occurring cobble and boulder stones. Each stone is selected to fit perfectly upon animal’s figure in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is hand-made by a skilled craftsman. No two pieces are the same. Each one is an amazing work of art.


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白蓝色 纯色时尚个人宣传英文名片

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