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What are the best garden lights? Someone may ask, then let us tell you. Definitely it would be the stone solar garden light. Below are benefits of solar light:


1. Energy saving. Solar light uses the natural light source of nature to reduce the consumption of electric energy.

2. Safety. Electric lighting lights may have potential safety hazards due to construction quality, aging materials, abnormal power supply and other reasons. The solar light does not use AC, but uses battery to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage DC into light energy, so there is no potential safety hazard.


3. Environmental protection. Solar lamps have no pollution and radiation, which is in line with the modern concept of green environmental protection.

4. High tech content. the solar light is controlled by intelligent controller, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the lamp according to the natural brightness of the sky in one day and the brightness required by people in various environments.


5. Durable. Someone may ask why are my garden solar lights not working? Our solar stone lamp has a service life of 10000-20000 hours. But I still suggest you can purchase several replaceable solar panels to avoid unexpected situation. Also our solar has round and square shape, it is very easy to take it down. Our solar is stuck on the stone with the glass glue. If you want to replace a new solar panels, you just need to cut it down by knife.

6. The maintenance cost is low. The solar lamp only needs periodic inspection and little maintenance workload, and its maintenance cost is less than that of conventional power generation system.

 Where to buy garden lights? Our solar stone garden lights are mostly made of granite, basalt and marble stone material. Stone garden lights will let you get more close to nature and will deliver a stunning feeling to your green garden or your back yard.



Written by Michelle

Post time: Apr-14-2022

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