788pcs Stone Water Fountains and Stepping Stones are shipping to Qatar

Granite & Basalt is always the top 2 choice for making water fountain.  It's unique character make them looking amazing and can last a life time.

On Monday, 788pcs granite water fountain, basalt water fountain & stepping stones were loaded into container at Tianjin port.  Goods will be delivered to Qatar on July. 26th.,2022. Here are some photos for review.

Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(1) Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(2) Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(4) Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(3) 










Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(5) Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(10)

Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(9)Granite Water Fountain - Magic Stone(6)










These granite water fountains are made by general size. Some of them are made by grey granite. And some of them are made by black granite. Except for the general one, we also make some customized basing on photos that customer provided. Take the last one for example. It's a new design in this year. 

 As for the basalt column, this time we made one with customer's company logo & name. The final effect looks good. This basalt column with size around Dia30-40cm H120cm. So if you make something similar. Just let we know your requirements.

Customized Basalt Column - Magic Stone(4) Customized Basalt Column - Magic Stone(3)











At the end of June. Our factory & goods were inspected by world leading company(Tuv Reinhand). We took some videos and photos for our goods. If you are interested in it , please visit our website: www.magicstonegarden.com to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products.  Except for these classical water fountains, Magic Stone specialized in more than 400 styles. We are always to be reached by your side 24/7 periods. 

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