Animal sculpture is an art derived from life.

Animal sculpture is an art derived from life. It attaches importance to details, color matching, texture depiction. Animal statues restore the real state of animals and present a personalized effect. Animal carvings reflect the designer's unique keen observation to the natural world, so that the audience can feel that these animal sculptures are alive and breathing.


Do you like stone pelican statue? As we know that pelican is a large water bird who often lives in warm waters. Because of its special habits, it is often endowed with more connotation and symbolic significance. Pelican is the yearning and pursuit of human beings for beautiful things and the exploration of significance of their own existence, so as to encourage people to explore and face difficulties and obstacles with a positive attitude. 


Let’s look at our stone animal owl who carved by the rock boulder stone. They are lovely and cute. In ancient Greek culture, the owl is the bird loved by Athena,the goddess of wisdom. The ancient Greeks regarded the owl as a symbol of charm and wisdom. Why not have some owl sculptures in your garden, believing they will bring more funny to your family.


Here goes to our butterfly sculpture who is cute, small and vivid. She looks like a real butterfly on the garden lawn. Stone butterfly carvings can add a luster to your beautiful garden. 


Written by Michelle Yan

Post time: Feb-15-2023

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