Animal stone statue for home&garden decor

Have you seen the stone carved into small animals? It's really beautiful and creative! Stone is very common for everyone, people can see it everywhere. But have you ever seen the life of a stone, which is alive for the artistic craftsman?


For us, the stone may be a stone, but for the artistic craftsman, stone is a treasure.They can carve the stone into all kinds of small animals, like owls, turtles, rabbits, pelicans, snails, puppies, birds, frogs, and so on. Although the stone material is taken randomly, they are all very interesting and fun after carving out.


Imagine putting animal stone statue in your garden, you will find that what you see in your eyes are like a vivid animal that attracts your attention. The stone animal sculpture that seem to be placed at random, or hidden in the grass on the roadside, or placed next to the pool, or under the trees. Some are playful and lively, others convey tranquility, which injected a touch of peace and calm for the garden and also embellished the garden environment.


We Magic Stone supply all kinds of animal statue from the big animal to small animal. All made of natural stone - marble and boulder. Welcome to visit our Alibaba store if you’re interested.


Written by Michelle

Post time: Sep-15-2022

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