Basalt and granite water feature

Water is an indispensable part in garden. Water feature can beautify the garden environment, which is a great garden decor. The soothing water may bring more vitality to garden. Bring more fun to your life. Watching the water flows slowly, listening the sound of gurgling water, which will make your inner feeling more happy and make your body and mind get relaxed. Believing most people like water, especially for children, they like to play with water.


Water fountain can purify the environment. The fine water droplets of water feature collide with air molecules to produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, further eliminate positive ions, odors and harmful dust in the air, absorb carbon dioxide and electromagnetic radiation released by household appliances, and make the ambient air more fresh. In a negative ion environment, you must feel relaxed and energetic!


Water feature can regulate “Feng Shui” (Chinese), which implicates the running water can bring you wealth and ward of evil spirits. The gurgling water is like a flowing music, a sound picture. It not only has a feeling of returning to nature and being comfortable, but also makes people feel lucky and longevity. #basaltcolumn #basaltwaterfeature #granitewaterfeature #basaltpillar


written by Michelle

Post time: Jan-04-2023

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