Basalt table Chair Bench, Meeting with the Nature and Classics

What kind do you think of when thinking of placing table chair or bench in your garden? It could be like a burlywood wooden one, a black or white metal one. But have you ever thought of putting a basalt one? Like the ones in the picture below.











Basalt is a special stone material that has yellow and rusty surface but with a black solid inside. The yellow and rusty surface makes any craft made from it a retro texture and creates a beauty without delicacy.

In addition, no matter comparing to a wooden one or a metal one, a basalt table chair and bench never destroy the environment and waste resources. Each of them is handcrafted by the skilled men. It is a environment friendly product. Actually, we, magic stone, even control the production of stones in a limited batch to help protect the environment.

For people who value the natural environment and reduction of wasting of resources also values the beauty of nature, the basalt table chair and bench is a perfect choice.

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Written by Jane Chi

Post time: Mar-04-2022

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