Bird bath – Magic Stone

Bird baths are a great way to provide drinking and bathing water for birds. Whether in cold winter or hot summer, bathing is necessary for birds. Because birds have no sweat glands, but they will lose water due to breathing and feces, birds need to drink water at least twice a day. Also, bathing is very important for good feather maintenance. Birds will get their feathers wet to loosen dirt and help comb their feathers.


Do you know how to choose a bird bath? When choosing a bird bath, the main consideration is the safety of birds. The side of the bird bathtub should be shallow and inclined, and the surface should be rough or corrugated. The water should not be too deep for the birds to take a bath. In this way, all kinds of birds can safely use the bird bath.


When selecting the material of bird basin, it should also be properly selected. I think the birdbath made of stone is very suitable, because the stone is very heavy, not easy to move, and will not be blown down by the wind.


Bird baths are generally divided into three types, such as hanging type, base type and ground type bird baths. One of the most common bird baths is the pedestal type. This traditional style is usually very popular. Hanging bird baths may be much cheaper than pedestal bird baths. The ground bird bath is a large, shallow basin that can be placed on the ground. This is suitable for larger birds.


Written by Michelle

Post time: May-10-2022

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