Brick or Paver? Clear All Your Confusion in This Passage

In these years, more and more people who pay much focus on pursuing the quality of life or life sentiment tend to use pavers in their garden to create special landscape not just for its practicability but most importantly for the unique beauty it creates.

Below lists some questions many people concern regarding the pavers. I’ll answer them one by one. Hopefully the answers could clear out your confusions.

Are bricks and pavers the same?

Of course no! The two conception can’t even been compared in the same level. Bricks are a type of products focusing on its shape and material. Properly, the term brick denotes a block composed of dried clay, but is now also used informally to denote other chemically cured construction blocks. So basically, when we say brick, we mean it is a rectangular block made of different material.

But paver is more like a conception emphasizing the function. Because it is an outdoor floor or superficial surface covering. The main point is that it is a floor covering.

But pavers can be made by bricks. Of course pavers can also be made of other materials like marbles, basalt or other materials.


Where are pavers made

Pavers can be made of different materials as long as it’s solid enough and durable for the erosion of the sunrays, wind,rain and snow and water. So for this question, you can understand it as where are the materials for pavers made. If you use basalt for paver, you can find it in inner Mongolia in China. If you use use other materials such as bricks, marble etc, you can contact us by We have built many good relationships with our clients around the world. They know well about the local factory resources.


Which paving material is best?

The best one is the one that is the most suitable for you. It really depends on your personal preferences, your taste, you want to create a beauty of modern style or vintage style or a style of your own, or your balance between pleasing to the eye and its durability. Anything related to these will affect the material you choose. The most important thing is that you know what you want, you know who you are.


How to build a brick paver pathway?

The first step is to excavate the soil.

Determine the desired width of your path and add 2 inches. Roughly mark out the positioning of the path at this width. Use a spade to dig out the space between the markings to remove the top layer of soil.

The second step is to fill with graded base and compress then repeat the process.

First pour in 1 to 2 inches of graded base. The spray the base with water to keep the dust down and compress. Then pour in 1-2 inches of graded base and compress and keep repeating the process until the depth is 3.5inches.

The third step is to add sand layer and grade the path.

The fourth step is to Lay the brick edging.

The fifth step is to fill in the field with the bricks.

And the last step: don’t forget to fill the joints using sands.

It seems that install the brick paver is pretty cool process. For me, I like how I create something from zero to one and how everything goes as what I dreamed. Quite a fulfillment.

All in all, installing a paver no matter a brick paver or a paver made of other materials is a good addition to your garden. If you have any questions about installation or the supply of pavers, feel free to contact us. Believe you will not come in vain. Our email is: We also upload a lot of videos on our youtube channel: magicstonegarden. You can see different designs of pavers on that.

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Written by Jane Chi

Post time: May-06-2022

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