Classic Natural Japanese Stone Lantern

Stone Lanterns are now mostly used as artistic decorations in gardens. A well-designed, beautifully shaped stone lamp, like a pearl dotted in the earth shine, play an important role in enhancing the pleasure of life and beautifying the environment.

Stone Lantern (1)








The Stone Lantern is made by several pieces. It is small and easy to install it.

Stone Lantern (2)









Stone Lantern (3)








Stone Lantern (5)








All stone lantern are made of natural stone, hard and thick texture, showing the traditional flavor of primitive simplicity.  With size around H40cm, 60cm & 80cm.

Stone Lantern (4)







Contact Magic Stone to choose the right Stone Lantern for your home & garden. The light  from stone lantern will guide you home.





Post time: Dec-31-2021

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