Could you please tell me which community in China does not use stone?

In the whole community, Where is no stone in any place, granite is placed outside, and marble is placed indoors! Wherever there is a shadow of stone!
Quanzhou Baoshan Garden1 Quanzhou Baoshan Garden2
Quanzhou Baoshan Garden
Shenzhen Vanke Huafu3 Shenzhen Vanke Huafu4
Shenzhen Vanke Huafu
Shantou Jiasheng Haoting5 Shantou Jiasheng Haoting6 Shantou Jiasheng Haoting7
Shantou Jiasheng Haoting
Hui'an Julong Township8 Hui'an Julong Township9 Hui'an Julong Township10 Hui'an Julong Township11
Hui’an Julong Township
Stone as a building facade12 Stone as a building facade13 Stone as a building facade14 Stone as a building facade15
Stone as a building facade, there are five major advantages:
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Show identity
The thickness and history of stone are reflected through every small grain. The award-winning British royal castle, the German Museum of History in Berlin, etc., highlight the national honour of the large buildings, all with a full stone facade
The thickness and history of stone 17
Stone dry hanging construction technology, quality and aesthetics. Every process in the construction is kept improving, and every detail of the size, shape and position of each stone is planned reasonably to ensure that every stone is laid and laid accurately.
Thermal Insulation and Heat Insulation
Different from the villas that “wear” cheap paint, the whole stone façade has a more significant lifting effect on the heat insulation of the room due to the air compartment between the outer layer and the wall.
Thermal Insulation and Heat Insulation19
Rugged and durable
The sturdiness and longevity of the stone is unmatched by the rest of the building materials. This is one of the reasons for the insistence on the use of stone in large buildings of almost all national nature.
Rugged and durable20
Low carbon environmental protection
The heating and cooling inside the natural stone building requires very little energy. The natural stone can absorb the heat emitted by the sun and can prevent the indoor temperature from rising too high.
Low carbon environmental protection21 Low carbon environmental protection22 Low carbon environmental protection23 Low carbon environmental protection24
Stone as interior decoration, there are four major benefits:
Stone, starting from the pure nature, is trapped in the beauty of the texture, loyal to the benefits of environmental protection. The more you explore the stone, the more secrets you will find. The more you reveal a secret, the more you will fall into it. Stone can not only show the beauty of architecture, but also many benefits to the human body!
interior decoration25
Stone, is the structure of the earth; stone sculpture, from the mountains and valleys, the essence of the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon aura. Because it is rich in trace elements beneficial to the human body, it plays an important role in health and beauty.
1.『Health and Beauty』
Stone is alive, tiny holes like the skin cells will breathe, with moisture absorption, sound absorption and sound insulation, making people more comfortable and healthy.
“Yu dependents, people raise jade” is the crystallization of Chinese health for thousands of years, it also proves the universe is interdependent to survive. Jade is the category of stone. Every stone has jade content. The survival of mankind cannot be separated from nature. Stone as a decoration material brings people closer to nature.
According to the “Basic Program”, natural stone has the functions of raising the five organs and blood. Semi-precious stones such as corals and crystals have the effect of protecting bones and balancing the body’s pH.
Health and Beauty27 Health and Beauty28 Health and Beauty29
The golden wood of the Chinese Millennium Culture “Book of Changes”, the stone is a combination of the five elements, including the golden wood water and fire, the energy of the stone will vary from person to person and complement the five elements.
Stones used to attack defense weapons during the Stone Age and ancient wars, and later they were turned into stone objects for the evil spirits.
At the same time, “stone” and “Shicai” are the same, this is the metaphysics of high-end home building decoration stone can be lucky.
Health and Beauty30 Health and Beauty31 Health and Beauty32
2.『Insulation and energy saving』
Stone has the function of heat preservation and energy saving. From ancient times to now, there are stone bowls in the diet dishes that need to maintain high temperature. Europe used stone for architectural decoration from thousands of years ago, mainly the firmness of stone and stone is pure natural insulation material. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, keeping the body temperature comfortable.
Insulation and energy saving33
3. 『Natural beauty”』
Stone is a pure natural building material product. It is the only material for inspection-free building materials. It is misleading for the unfair competition of the building materials industry for the “radiation of stone has radioactive hazard”. For this, China Stone Association and National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection As early as 2013, the Center and the National Stone Standardization Technical Committee jointly issued the “Notice on the Radioactive Hazards of Marble Products to the Human Body”.
Natural beauty34 Natural beauty35
4.『Health and environmental protection』
Stone is the most healthy and environmentally friendly decorative material. Natural stone is natural and natural, just like flowers and trees. It does not contain radioactive substances that have an impact on human health.
The modern natural stone mining operation has completely abandoned the technology that will cause damage to nature, such as cracking of gunpowder. The popularization and promotion of “cold mining” technology will greatly improve the mining rate and utilization rate of mining resources. The damage to the natural environment is minimized.
Health and environmental protection36
The CCTV Financial Channel has also conducted investigations and tests in the program “2016 Home Improvement Consumption Guide”. It has been found that the natural marble radiation sent for inspection is lower than that of wood and cement. It is the lowest radiation substance in the universe and belongs to the national class A. (Green building materials). Neglected, the trace radiation of stone is the energy that releases the essence of the heavens. This is the energy that nature gives human health and pleasure.
stone industry digital37
Whether the stone is attached or the interior has so many advantages, it is no wonder that more people have chosen the stone now. You can take a look at it. Is it that the surrounding neighborhoods and surrounding friends are using more and more stone!

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