Do you see stone animal statue in the garden?

Animals are part of our world. Animal sculpture works are highly decorative and practical. It pays attention to the animal shape portrayal, and adds color to the statue. The combination of sculpture and painting complements each other, so that the work has the same aesthetic feeling and appreciation value as painting. Focus on the vivid form, and express the high image beauty with concise animal sculpture language.


The stone squirrel is characterized by its long hairy tail. It is a typical arboreal small animal with a slender body, which is very small against the soft dense long hair. It mainly eats acorns, chestnuts, walnuts, pine nuts and other nuts. So people like little squirrels very much. It often appears in yard lawn. Stone squirrel is a very intelligent small animal. It is docile, clever and clever. When you see a stone squirrel, all the troubles will be swept away. The symbolic meaning of the stone squirrel is to get rid of the troubles, and the sunshine will remain.


The bunny is smart and cute. Many people like it. In people's lives, there are many stone rabbits carved to decorate the surrounding environment. The stone rabbit sculpture is very small. It has two long ears, which are very cute. The stone rabbit statue in people's mind is a kind of herbivorous mammal integrating docility, calmness and alertness. Therefore, the stone rabbit stature also implies a bright future and self-surpassing.


Written by Michelle Yan

Post time: Nov-22-2022

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