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Today, we received the feedbacks from our customer about the Red Slice Bricks. Seeing the pictures he shared as follows: 

Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (4)                   Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (6)                 Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (5)

These red slice bricks are used for decorating one gym. Just imagine it when you doing exercising in such gym, you will feeling more happier in such unique gym, right? And the exercising efficiency will be improved with ssuch unique enviroments. 

The gym is using the slice bricks to finish the building. To help you see them more clearly. Here are the general pictures of them. Small but lighter. And it's the top selling one in these years. If you are looking for the bricks, then i woudl strongly suggest try this one.  

Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (1)                            Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (2)                              Red Slice Bricks - Magic Stone (3)

Except for the red slice bricks, we also specialized in grey slice bricks.  For more details,  please visit our website: to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products.

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Written By Alice Wang

Post time: Jan-17-2024

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