Fireplace or Background Wall?This Kind of Marble Is So Beautiful.

Not only the fireplace but also the background wall,you wouldn’t believe there is a new design can combine these two home part so well and make it fabulous and extraordinary.

The appearance and use of fireplace can not be separated from the history of mankind using fire.
The history of mankind using fire is very long, which can be traced back to Africa 1.5 million years ago and Yun Nan China 1.7 million years ago from the latest excavations of archaeologists.Stove fire trace left by Beijing Monks in their cave house proves that Beijing Monks already learned how to use fire to illumine,cook and heat 400,000 years ago.

Fireplace in early days is very simple without any decoration, just relied on exterior wall or middle interior wall and is built with bricks or other stones .Actually fireplace is not something only present in Europe and America,it have been mining discovered in Xia Dynasty Cultural Relics in Shao County ,Beijing, shows that fireplace had been used in ancient China but deducted more brilliant by European and American in their society.Fireplace in Europe and USA is endowed with noble ,elegant and romantic qualities,that is the reason people in Europe and US using fireplace in their house.

Modern Fireplace’ design follows fashion closely, combining with fashion elements and the charm of natural stone, it deeply favored by people.The fireplace in following pictures,shows their perfect integration with house decoration.

                                                                                                                                     ——Shawn Zhu

Post time: Jun-28-2019