Garden stone lanterns

In the past, stone lamps used in Japanese courtyards were not only used for lighting, but also meant decoration and good things. In Japanese, stone lamps have the word "clean fire", meaning that fire can purify everything. When people keep the kindling, they feel the most magical purification charm of fire. In the past, people were unwilling to let the sacred flame go out, so they covered it with stone lanterns. It indicates bright and beautiful hope, and will bring us a new life of good luck and happiness.


Japanese style stone lamps are exquisitely decorated in the courtyard. There are some artificial service sculptures in the nature, which can best reflect the perfect integration of people and the environment. #Japanesestonelantern 


The beauty of the small stone lamp in the Japanese courtyard is that it is small and exquisite, dull and mysterious, abstract and profound. Japanese courtyards use these few elements to achieve a great effect. Although Japanese gardens were influenced by Chinese gardens in the early period, they formed their own characteristics in the long-term development process, especially in small courtyards.


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Post time: Sep-20-2022

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