Giraffe, deer and swan sculptures in the animal theme park

In recent years, a kind of animal theme park has gradually appeared in the city. Mostly stone sculptures are also placed in this type of theme park. It is mainly the animal modeling, shaping the environment of an animal theme park.


In animal theme parks, stone carvings of giraffes are very common. There are various designs of stone carvings of giraffes and deer. You may see, the giraffes that eat leaves with their heads up, the ones with their heads down, and the ones with small giraffes and large giraffes together. Giraffes are characterized by their long necks and spots. They are very beautiful and popular with children. Giraffes are also the highest existing terrestrial animals in the world.


Swan stone sculptures are also common in animal theme parks. The beautiful swan statues are placed in the middle of the river or beside the lotus pond, embellishing the water surface and lawn. The swan stone sculptures are white and very beautiful. Swans like to live in groups in lakes and marshes. And swans are monogamous. Two swans will stay together for life. At the same time, swans are very loyal. One of them will die, and the other will be unhappy until death. Therefore, swans are also symbols of love.


Written by Michelle

Post time: Nov-24-2022

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