How beautiful marble is, the top big-brand stores love TA!

A fire in the previous Notre Dame de Paris made the world feel bad, but when we were depressed by the damage of this world treasure, we can see that it was fortunate that with natural stone, it was able to preserve the main body of Notre Dame. Fortunate come out of unfortunate!

In fact, we can see that it is not only difficult to find that the world-famous buildings are full of stone elements. Are not luxury brands that lead the fashion trend ! Now follow the little bees to see the traces of stone in luxury brand stores, and appreciate how the big-brand designers do they use stone.

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At the beginning of 2018, Hedi Slimane took office. Before his debut of the first design series, CELINE took the lead in opening a flagship store in Miami, USA, and this store also indicates that the brand will go to a new era.

marble Marble usage

The design team covered the space that the human eye could see with emerald marble. It is reported that this is a unique marble from Brazil. This cloud-like blue-green color represents CELINE’s consistent cool style and creates an atmosphere that you are feel like inside the universe.

marble decoration

As one of the “Blue Blood” brands, PRADA has extremely high requirements for the decoration of the store. PRADA uses natural marble to create a stylish, high-end feel. For the grade of stone, the same thousand choices, purity, gloss, texture grace, PRADA requirements are superior.

marble decor marble decor

The designer uses the black-and-white color formed by the alternating combination of snow white and black-and-white roots to create the brand’s signature black and white grid. It is purely clean and harmonious, and together with the overall cold color,  which give you a sense of the alienation, fashion and advance.marble

YSL’s architectural concept was designed by the brand creative director Hedi Slimane in 2012. It uses minimalist craftsmanship and noble materials as the medium, black and white marble as the main decoration material, and metal, mirror and other elements to refine it to create a modern high-end fashion texture. It is refreshing.white marble solid marble

The cool and glamorous black and white space displays men’s and women’s collections and accessories, and is decorated with high-grade Noir soie and Blanc statuaire marbles. It is equipped with concrete slabs, mirror display racks, suspended display poles and cotton padded leather benches. The overall decoration is elegant, so that the material itself exudes beauty. The designer makes good use of the natural texture of marble, and the shape is simple and neat, which brings out precise geometric lines.brown marble

In September 2018, Hermès settled in Xi’an, China. This is the 25th store of Hermès in China. Adhering to Hermès’s modern minimalist style, the newly unveiled Xi’an store is designed by RDAI Architects, which is responsible for the brand’s global specialty stores. The 255-square-meter Hermès Xi’an SKP store draws inspiration from the ore. The entrance is made of dune-coloured marble, which forms a multi-arched structure that creates a winding path for guests. The cool-toned dark blue marble arches contrast with cherry-wood furniture, and the warm-toned floors divide the store into different areas. The whole store has an ingenious choice of ore material, which echoes the historical charm of Xi’an ancient city and coincides with the French charm of Hermes.marble decmarble slabmarble slab

Despite the rise of e-commerce today and the decline in physical store traffic, it is still crucial for brands to create an independent business environment. The store can give customers a vital shopping experience and a deep brand impression, all of which play a vital role in the stone.

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Post time: Apr-25-2019