How is the rock lamp formed?

The main component of the crystal salt lamp is crystal salt aslo named crystal salt. The crystal salt is a kind of sodium salt. It was formed at the end of the Permian, which is 40 million years earlier than the earliest dinosaur.Around 280 million years ago,the change of the earth’s crust transforms the ancient ocean into the world-famous Himalaya.Then the salt in the sea is hidden deep in the ground about 600 meters. After hundreds of millions of years of extrusion and high temperature, the minerals and sea salt under the ground are combined to rock salt mine.
Crystal salt stone produces is colorful due to the different purity and composition of minerals such as red, white and black which is like a crystal and the most precious is in pure pale pink. Rock salt deposits are widely exist and they are of high purity, but which are rare as crystal salts. Pure minerals with a purity over 98% in the Alps and the Himalayas can be used to make crystal salt lamps.

Post time: May-20-2019