Let the Stone Become Alive, only A Little Imagination

From ancient times to the present, the primary function of stone is as a material for architectural decoration. Until the natural stone meets the artist, the use of stone has been expanded more – from simple decorative materials to art treasures.

Today we will talk about stone art sculpture with "life".
Those Famous Stone Art

When it comes to stone art, Italy is a country that has to be mentioned. A variety of famous statues record the origins of Italian history, and these statues come from the stone itself.

The statue of David, the most famous statue of Michelangelo in the Florentine Museum, is the marble from the Carrara Mountains.
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Next, let's take a look at the works of Italian genius sculpture masters Bernini and Straza :
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Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini is the sculptor and architect of Italy, the greatest master of art in the 17th century. It is with the efforts of these people that Italy has been the light of the Western world for three centuries.

They use the hardest materials to express the softest feeling. What kind of God's hand is it to make the marble into this texture? If the weight is light, this is the highest state of art design.

Contemporary Stone Art

The works of classical masters are more concrete. Let's take a look at the works of Italian contemporary artists:
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The marble cutting vase is a thick marble tile that cuts 40 square meters with water flow. It is cut into layers and cut into 4 mm thick concentric thin rings. The stack of dislocations can be combined into a beautiful and light vase with cutting marks on the outside.
An extraordinary storage box, white marble, like a sculpture. Need to use a similar lever to open the object, interesting.
图14 图15
Organic and fascinating tableware, inspired by the erosion of water on the stone.

Different flowing waters create different stone shapes, and these table tops are created by industrial water-jet engraving. Use industrial means to imitate thousands of years of natural behavior in a matter of seconds.

Have You Seen The Clothes Made of Marble?

Let's take a look at what other ideas can be made of stone under the artist's brain? Sculpture by Sydney artist Alex Seton with Carrara marble:
图16 图17 图18 图19 图20
Create these ultra-realistic everyday clothes – from comfortable hooded sweatshirts to soft t-shirts and sportswear. This marble is usually white or blue and has been used for carving and architectural decoration since ancient Roman times.

There is also the work of the artist Alasdell Thomson's masters:
He used marble to engrave a lot of "commodities", which looked very real and enough to be fake. His clothes carved out of marble look like a piece of clothing hanging on the wall, and even the folds on the clothes are vivid and amazing.


"God" Fashion Show

You may not have seen this "God's Fashion Show": When a nude statue in the Louvre "wears" on fashionable clothes, what a new experience will start.
The young French photographer Léo Caillard, wearing a fashionable dress for the nude statue in the Louvre, is very creative
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These statues are figures from thousands of years ago. Is it fashionable to wear these fashions at once?

From the creativity of the above masters, we can easily find that stones can become lively. In this timeless art, what we need is a pair of eyes that discover beauty and feel art.

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