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Where should stone animal be put?

For most people, stone animal carving has obviously become a small part of life. Some are placed in crowded downtown areas, some in quiet and solemn ancient temples in the mountains, and some are placed on playful Park lawns. The designs of stone animal carvings are rich and colorful, some are cute, some are tall and burly, some are valiant and heroic, and some are old and retro. These animal carvings of different shapes bring people a unique visual experience.


Small animals are round and cute. It is suitable to be placed on the green belt of the park scenic area for tourists to enjoy. Many children and even adults like the carving style of this small animal very much, especially if it is placed on the lawn, it will be more integrated into the beauty of nature. At the same time, adults can also take this opportunity to instill in children the environmental protection concept of protecting animals and nature.


Life size animal Statue

Some tall and burly stone animals can give people a strong sense of shock. They are usually placed in front of some magnificent buildings. They are generally as tall as mountains, giving people a sense of steadiness and security.

Some people like the carving process of the partial retro style, which can present the stone carving animal style with different charm. Some people like to match this kind of antique stone animals with different styles in their villas. In most cases, the customers who customize this kind of antique stone carving animals also have a certain cultural heritage, and hope to set off a distinctive aesthetic interest through some decorative ornaments.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022

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