Lovely Stone Owls from Magic Stone

This Tuesday, we got a thumb up from our Korean customer. Enclosed photos for your review in advance. 211207(2)

Are you curious about what kinds of goods been packed in crate? Let we share with you. The first item that we want to let you know it is our top selling items in these years -the stone owls. It is made by granite with size around H15-30cm . Various colors are available. Such as yellow, green, black, grey, etc. And one amazing point is that all the stone owls are hand made by your skilled sculptors. Each one is unique just like we human being. You must love it when you see them. Now sharing some photos of our granite stone owls. Hoping you guys love it.

Granite Stone Owls (1)

Granite Stone Owls (2)

Granite Stone Owls (3)

You can contact us if you are interested in our stone owls. There are hundreds of designs prepared for you. Customized also welcome if you have your own idea of it. Cause Magic Stone can do stone goods beyond your imagination.

Hoping these stone owls that we shared will bring good luck & fortune. Enjoy your day~

Post time: Dec-09-2021

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