Natural Marble Is Not Only Harmless But Also Good for the Body

The characteristics of natural stone

Frost resistance

Natural stone in the cold winter is more resistant to freezing, especially in the cold northeast, the choice of natural stone users more, it is not only beautiful, and minus 20 degrees Celsius, will not freeze.

Resistance to pressure

Natural stone material is the building material with strong resistance pressure in the market, like by the masses so. When buying natural stone material, need to notice its density. The compressive strength of stone material will be different due to the factors such as the uniformity of mineral composition, crystal thickness, cementing material, load area, load effect and cleavage Angle. Other things being equal, a dense material in which crystalline particles are usually small and stick to each other has a higher strength.

Fire resistance

The fireproof performance of natural stone material is stronger, can bear the high temperature above 600℃ basically. But what needs attention is, natural stone material kind is various, its are resistant to fire is different, some stone material falls in high temperature action, produce chemical decomposition.

 1. Gypsum: decomposition above 107℃.

2. Limestone and marble: decomposition at temperatures greater than 910℃.

Granite: uneven thermal cracking due to mineral composition at 600℃.

It is because of the use of stone that the main building of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is preserved in the fire!

 Stone is alive, small holes like skin cells will breathe, has the effect of absorbing moisture, sound absorption and sound insulation, so that the human body is more comfortable and healthy.

 "Jade nourishes people, and people nurture jade" is the health care crystal of China for thousands of years, which also proves that the existence of all things in the universe is interdependent. Jade is the category of stone, each stone has a jade content, human survival cannot be separated from nature, stone as a decoration material to close the relationship between people and nature. The book compendium of talents records that natural stone material has the effect of raising five zang organs and benefiting blood veins. Coral, crystal and other semi-precious stones have the role of protecting bones and balancing the ph of human body.

Stone has the function of heat preservation and energy conservation. From ancient times to now, stone bowls are used in food dishes that need to maintain high temperature. In Europe, stone has been used for architectural decoration since thousands of years ago

 Stone material is natural building materials product, is the only building materials products exempted from inspection, for "stone radioactive hazard such as radiation, belongs to building materials industry of unfair competition, technique of misleading, China stone association, the national quality supervision and inspection center, the national stone standardization technical committee as early as 2013 had jointly issued the notification regarding the marble products without a harm to human body".

Stone is the most healthy and environmentally friendly decorative materials, natural stone into nature, produced in nature, like flowers and trees in general, does not contain the impact of radioactive materials on human health.

Modern natural stone mining operations, has completely abandoned gunpowder cracking and other natural damage to the operation of technology, "cold mining" technology popularity and promotion, greatly improve the mining rate and utilization rate of mine resources, but also will damage to the natural environment to the minimum.CCTV financial channel in the program "2016 home decoration consumer guide" has also done surveys and tests, after testing found that the natural marble sent for inspection radiation is lower than wood, cement, is the lowest radiation substances in the universe, belongs to the national class A (green environmental protection) building materials. Ignore, radiation of stone material trace is the energy that releases essence of heaven and earth, this is the energy that nature gives human health cheerful.

Although stone can not speak, but can witness the vicissitudes of life, imprint civilization glow, leaving people with endless wealth, intellectual interest and reverie, treat natural stone, treat every stone business!

Post time: Aug-28-2019

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