Natural stone lantern for landscape decor

Stone lanterns are not only used in temples and gardens, but also used by real estate developers for courtyard decoration of residential areas, villas and resorts, with a variety of styles and materials.


The most important function of stone lanterns is to integrate into nature. The layout of stone lanterns depends on the courtyard. Different courtyards have different placement positions. In general, it should not be placed in a conspicuous place, but found its existence unconsciously. In this way, there will be wonderful surprises.


It would be more wonderful if there were scenery around to hide it. It is a link between man and nature, creating new landscapes in nature, and also a way to identify courtyards. Along this line, you can see from temples, shrines to courtyards, all of which have the charm of different stone lanterns.


With the modern buildings becoming more and more modern. Some people are also gradually falling in love with the retro feeling. The stone lantern is one of the decorative objects, and it can effectively resist weathering, wear and corrosion when used outdoors for a long time. The stone lantern with a long service life is the real stone lantern. #granitestonelantern #Japanesestonelantern #stonelight #solarlight #basaltlantern  #riverstonelantern #boulderlantern


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Post time: Dec-14-2022

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