Natural Stone Materials Are Mainly Used in Three Kinds: Marble, Granite, Culture Stone.

With the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to the decoration of the house, and there are more and more choices of style and materials. The style that stone material decorates is massy and elegant, pure and fresh and plain, natural feeling is strong, satisfied a lot of people decorate be fond of.

Natural stone materials are mainly used in three kinds: marble, granite, culture stone.

Marble commonly known as "marble", is a metamorphic rock. The main components are calcite or dolomite. The organization is fine, the color is beautiful, the texture is clear, the surface has the unique moire pattern

 Granite commonly known as "granite", belongs to igneous rock (magmatic rock). It is mainly composed of quartz feldspar and mica grains. High hardness, corrosion resistance, the surface is mostly black, red, white, gray color pitting diagram

 Culture stone is common with mushroom stone, its ancient castle wall stone modeling, dignified and unrestrained, rough appearance to bring people nostalgic feelings, often used as a building of the foot. SLATE lamination is used for interior and exterior street floor decoration. Rustboard pattern changeful, natural primitive mystery romance, have affinity of warm color, can be used for bedroom, bar

 Culture stone attractive characteristics are the color lines can maintain the natural and original style, coupled with the color mix changes, can be the stone texture of the connotation and artistic display. The metope that decorates with this kind of stone material, the wall landscape that makes, can give a kind of culture lasting appeal and natural breath fully. The power of nature, the vicissitudes of history, within reach

 Comparison and use of natural stone appearance

Marble is more cloud pattern, dark in the majority; Granite is mottled pattern or solid color, red department mostly, no color stripes. And the smaller the spots, the finer the grains, the denser the structure, and the better the durability and anti-fouling. The denser the structure, the more corrosive medium and dirt are not easy to enter the stone interior

 Hardness strength:

Granite is bigger than marble hardness, marble quality of a material is softer than granite, so processing rises marble some easier, more easily carve grind smooth, effect of smooth brightness, lens face is better, brighter than granite.


Granite is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar and mica, most of which are used outdoors. Marble is mainly calcium carbonate, calcite and dolomite, basically are used indoors; Granite is denser than marble, so granite has better durability and longer service life than marble

 High temperature:

Due to the inclusion of quartz, granite changes crystal state at high temperature and expands its volume. It is prone to crack and fire resistance

 Cultural stone is often used for building external walls, especially european-style buildings, with its simple natural appearance, giving the building a unique rural flavor. Marble and granite are generally polished mirror surface treatment, and culture stone to maintain the natural style of ancient simplicity, from the external sense and use and marble granite good distinction.

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