Natural stone table and benches for a park

What kinds of natural stone products that you want seeing in a park? Benches? Human Statues or Lanterns?

This August i moved to Xiamen. Which is a city that is famous for tourist. Of course, it's a very beautiful city in China.

There is a park near my house. One day I rode my bike and found there are some natural stone products are placed in the park. Here are some phot0s that i took before. And some items that Magic Stone can provide if you want any of them to decorate your garden.

Mountain Stone Table & benches                     WechatIMG842 WechatIMG843                      Mountain Stone Benches

This is one table with 5 unique stone benches. All these benches are made by natural stone with natural shape. Some of them look like the human foot with five toes. And three of them are just benches with back.

When you have a short walk with your families or friends. This set of table and benches will be a good choice to have a talk or rest, right ?

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Enjoy your day.

Written By Alice Wang

Post time: Oct-25-2023

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