One Large Customized Granite Water Fountain were shipped to Canada

Last week, we got one mail from one Canada customer. He asked us to send the installation of the customized granite water fountain he purchased from Magic Stone before. Today, I would like to share the story of that customized granite water fountain.  But before we telling the story, I want you see some amazing photos of that granite water fountain. Believing you will be attracted by its awesome effect.


This granite water fountain is made by one special natural stone. We call it Gold Ma Granite. It looks like light yellow. But it has the character with granite. Which can be lasted for a long time. That amazing granite water fountain is made basing on photos that our customer provided to us. Our skilled sculptor using his magic hand to make it come true. Then one masterpiece finished after one month production. Now, let's see it at day time.


Except for the finished water fountain, we would invite you to see the details of this amazing granite water fountain. Fron the belowing photos, you can see that our skilled craftman has paid great attention on controling its quality. The water foutain is just like our sculptor's baby. Every parent is willing to give love and energy to take care his or her baby, right?


As this customized water fountain with size around H10ft Dia10ft. It take ten wooden crates to pack this one set water fountain. Each wooden crate is sticked with the shipping mark. Which can help customers to know which part of water fountain is packed inside. Here are two main packages for your review.


The customer is now installing this water fountain at his garden. We can not wait the see the effect at his amazing garden. No matter for general granite water foutain or the customized water fountain. You can always contact Magic Stone to help you. We appreciate the opportunity to be your supplier for natural stone products.

Last but not the least,  if you are looking for Granite Water Fountain , please visit our website: to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products.  Except for these classical granite water foutain, Magic Stone specialized in more than 400 styles. E-catalog will be provided timely once we get reply from your side.

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Post time: Jul-13-2022

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