Pebble Stones& Gravel—Give Yourself Space to Create

If you look around a garden, what item do you think is the one that is the most important part of a garden? For me, it is pebble stone.

Pebble stones play an important role in creating guests’ first impression of a garden or even the owner. The pebble stones normally take up a relatively large space of a garden. So it is quite easy to get noticed. If they are arrayed in some animal shapes, people will think that the owner must be a person who loves natural lives. If they are arranged to make an abstract shape or modern style, the owner must be a person who has a very unique taste and live a stylish lifestyle.









































Beyond that, it is the greatest decoration that can largely inspire our creativity. You can design how they are arranged, which color to choose, how you combine the different colors, sizes and textures. Think about all the inspiration sparks moment and how it finally turns out to be your most satisfactory spatial layout!  Such a perfect experience to put our own thoughts on our space! You design you life! You design yourself. You express your inner soul!

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Written by Jane Chi



Post time: Mar-21-2022

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