Solar Stone Lantern, a Way to Step Further to Nature

If I say something is a perfect combination of natural beauty and energy-saving system,what do you think it is? A wind driven generator? Or a stone water fountain? Have you ever thought of a solar stone lantern?











Compared to an average plastic electric lamp, a stone lantern creates a beauty of nature. We feel connected with nature when we touch the skin of stone lantern. Combined with the flowers, grass and pebbles in our garden, we feel that we are lost in the natural outdoor. Even if we don’t go for a camping in a forest, we feel exact the same way.

But the most amazing thing about the stone lantern is that they absorb the solar energy in the day time and automatically light up in the night using the energy absorbed. Don’t you think that’s surprising and magic when it lights up after the whole day’s absorbing? Don’t mention that in this way, it helps save energy and protect the environment. At the same time, in this case, you feel like you go back to the most natural, easy and simple way of life.













Look at the lantern in the night when it lights up. The warm light spread out from the stone lantern, creating a relaxing and warm atmosphere, give you a good place to do some amusement. Also different shapes (animal, plant, Chinese style window,etc) of hollow-out bestow different shapes of light to the lanterns. That’s beautiful~

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Edited by Jane Chi



Post time: Mar-02-2022

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