Stone Carving Products Case Summary

Stone Buddha statue
Stone Buddha statues are traditional Chinese art, and Buddha statues are often used to worship in temples. The form and appearance of Buddha statues in China belong to that kind of tranquility, peace and solemnity. China is a big Buddhist country. The Buddha statues in China are generally gold and bronze. It indicates a sincere belief. The materials are generally made of lapis lazuli, marble, white marble and so on. Therefore, it is also called a stone statue.
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Stone lion sculpture
The stone lion is a common ward off evil spirits item in Chinese traditional culture. It is a sculpture of a lion with stone as a raw material, and a sculpture with artistic value and ornamental value. The earliest stone lion was the stone lion in front of the tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is a kind of decoration commonly used in traditional Chinese architecture. It is seen in Chinese palaces, temples, pagodas, bridges, mansions, gardens, tombs and buttons. But more often, the stone lion is specifically a pair of lions placed on the left and right sides of the gate. Its shape is not the lion we see now, probably because most of the Chinese people have not seen the real lion on the African grassland, but there are also sayings that the Western Lion and the African lion are different.
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Stone elephant
Stone elephant is the meaning of good luck, good luck Ji xiang ru yi , elephant is homonym of Good luck “Xiang ”,meaning all wishes come true of.
The elephant is a symbol of the sacredness of the country. It is also the Travel tool of Guanyin. It is the accompanying of Guanyin. Therefore, it also has the meaning of warding off disaster and evil, blessing yourself and protecting others.
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Dragon column
The dragon column is shaped with a wrapped cloud dragon, and the column traverses a beautiful cloud board, which is like a cloud inserted into the cloud.
Common top Cheng Lu squatting beast on the disk, lifelike. Known as auspicious, luxurious, honest and so on, is the company, home, office decoration, garden viewing, gifts and other good products!
Standing on the side of the square to become a landscape and landmark.
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Memorial arch
Stone archway is a very important type of building in traditional Chinese architecture. The archway built with stone is a building built by the feudal society to recognize merits, science, morality, and loyalty. There are also some temples that use the archway as the gate, and others to mark the place names. Also known as the archway building, it is a door-and-hole commemorative building that promotes feudal ethics and advertises merit. The archway is also an annex building of the ancestral hall. It shows the noble virtues and great achievements of the ancestors of the family. It also has the function of ancestor worship. The archway is regarded as one of the symbols of Chinese culture.
stone Memorial arch stone Memorial arch
Flower pot
The stone flower pot is a kind of utensil used for planting flowers and plants. It is a small round table or a chamfered table with a large bottom end. It is also called a stone carving flower.
In recent years, the prosperity of the commercial economy, in some urban commercial streets, large urban squares, park garden landscapes, tourist attractions, residential quarters and even downtown areas of the city, you can see all kinds of stone pots of various sizes. . These beautifully carved flower pots on the one hand make up our urban outdoor space, on the other hand carry colorful flowers and plants to purify our environment. Or it is discharged and placed on both sides of the city street, and the left and right sides of the outdoor commercial street act as a separation belt. These three-three-two stone carved flower buds are arranged one after another along the street, and seasonal flowers of various colors are planted on them. People walk in it and it is pleasing to the eye.
Eropean Stone Flower pot
Stone window
Stone windows have regular or irregular shapes such as round, square, polygon, curved, crescent, and fan shaped. The patterns in the window are varied, geometric patterns, auspicious patterns, figure gods, birds and beasts, dragon and lion statues, good luck, Fu Lu Shouyi, etc., with a wide range of subjects, etc., carefully carved, dizzying.
Stone window Stone window decor
Stone wall
The wall is a unique part of the traditional Chinese Han architecture. It was especially popular during the Ming Dynasty. Generally speaking, the shield inside the gate. The ancients called it: “Xiao Wall.” Therefore, there is a saying about Xiao Wall. In the old days, people thought that there were always ghosts visiting in their homes, and repairing a wall to break the ghosts. Because it is said that the little devil is only going straight and will not turn. Another saying is that the wall is a unique form of architecture that is influenced by the” Feng Shui “”consciousness in China. It is called “the shadow wall” or the “screen wall”.
Stone wall Stone wall sculpture
The relief is a kind of engraving. The sculptor engraves the image he wants to shape on a flat plate, so that it is out of the plane of the original material. Emboss is a product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It uses compressed methods to process objects, and uses three factors such as perspective to express three-dimensional space, and only for one or two sides.

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