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We are a garden decor supplier, supplying various style stone tables and chairs which are made of natural granite and limestone which is not easy to be damaged and weathered. And it is very easy to maintain. In parks, communities, squares and other places, we can often see stone tables and stools for people to rest. In fact, stone tables and benches not only have functional effect, but also have the effect of landscape art. The stone table and bench can form an interesting contrast with the surrounding buildings and give people an artistic beauty.


The stone table set and bench whatever in outdoor or courtyard should be combined with green plants and beautiful flowers. The table and chair are not only a practical tool for people to rest, but also they are an important scenic spot. Therefore, the ideal effect of outdoor & courtyard stone table and chair can bring you a cool feeling in the roasting hot summer day. You can consider to take the stone bench and table match with deciduous trees to achieve the artistic effect of rest and appreciation.


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Written by Michelle

Post time: Jul-28-2022

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