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The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Fair, a global professional stone exhibition, was grandly held at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 16 to 19, 2024. With the return of the global market, the upstream and downstream industrial chains at home and abroad, the design industry, cross-border platforms, and industry media gathered in Xiamen to discuss the future trend of stone under the new format and promote the symbiosis and development of the industry from a broader perspective and more diverse expressions.    The 24th Xiamen Stone Fair - Magic Stone (3)     The 24th Xiamen Stone Fair - Magic Stone (4)

When the warm spring comes, when the social vitality and order return, everything changes, and the industry presents a new look. Design is one of the catalysts for change and an important enabler for activation. In 2024, the Xiamen International Stone Fair and Habitat Design Life Festival will be themed "To Activate". As a bridge between design and stone – activating, giving infinite scope for exploration and expression. Activation is the resonance of the field and energy. Through design, the energy can be condensed, organized, and formed into an orderly operation, and when the energy reaches a certain level, it promotes the activation between fields. After a long period of dormancy, the power accumulated by the industry is gradually recovering, and it is more urgent to activate external forces to transform the power and play a greater role. Innovative design is the key to activating stone, and design can fully explore the characteristics of stone, apply it to different fields, and achieve new possibilities. How to activate stone in the design of human settlements and enhance the value and attractiveness of stone has become an important topic of concern in the current industry           The 24th Xiamen Stone Fair - Magic Stone (11)              The 24th Xiamen Stone Fair - Magic Stone (12)          The 24th Xiamen Stone Fair - Magic Stone (10)

Magic Stone Garden did not apply for the booth this time, but during the exhibition, our team received many customers from all over the world, including customers from South Korea, Singapore, Germany, the United States and South America. We got many positive feedbacks from those customers. In the past two years, conventional garden stones still maintain good sales, especially like pebbles & gravels, granite curbstone and basalt step stones, the sales are good and maintain a large scale market demands, some small animal carvings, granite water fountains columns, stone lamps and other landscape stone carvings, after the past five - six years of downturn, now also began to pick up again, began to win more procurement attention. Welcome to inquire Magic Stone Team, to get more professional support about stone related purchasing.     Magic Stone Garden - Landscape Decor (2)    Magic Stone Garden - Landscape Decor (5)

Magic Stone Garden - Landscape Decor (6)     Magic Stone Garden - Landscape Decor

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