The Boulder & Cobble Stone Flower Pot for your Home & Garden Decoration

Recently, we have received one inquiry for Cobble Stone Flower Pot from Korea customer.  Now we are making the samples for the customer to check goods quality. Then today I would like to talk about our main natural stone products, the Cobble Stone Flower Pot

One of the main stone raw material that Magic Stone use is the Cobble Stone. Or people call it Boulder Stone. This stone raw material can be used for various Garden Stone Produts. Such as Owl Statues, Hedgehog, Elephant, etc. Please see the photos as follows:      IMGP0009

Except for these lovely animal statues, our craft is also specialized in using it to make flower pot. Even though it's just a natural rock flower pot. Our craft man can using different craft to make different flower pot. From the easy one to the complicated one.  Check the difference by the following photo. Basing on this photo, you will find the inner difference of each flower pot & plant. The last one is polished by machine. And it can also used as stone sink and birdbath. The different dig is a factor that influence the price. Also the size and quantity will affect the price. Please notice it.

In order to help you see more picture about this style Cobble Stone Flower Pots. We are willing to share some photos that we did for our customers. Here are the beautiful pictures of them.     

Rock stone flower pot are widely used in not only in garden, but also patio, park, bar, office, public place, etc., and colorful plants in them can make your living and working environment more natural as well as more relaxing. Selecting a planter made of natural stone material will not bring burden to the environment, while it allows you get a sense of overall balance and harmony. Here are some pictures of feedbacks from clients of natural stone planters.

To ensure the goods will be packed in well. In general, we use the wooden crate to pack the Cobble Stone Flower Pots. And shipping them by sea which is more reasonable. If you are looking for the cobble stone flower pot, don't hesitate to contact Magic Stone. We are your top choice for the boulder stone flower pot.

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Written By Alice Wang

Post time: Dec-06-2023

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