The Representative of Elegant–Roman Column/ Marble Pillar

Nowadays, Roman Column is widely used on the decoration for indoors and outdoors. As the topic said, it’s the representative of elegant, full of sense of times. Here are some knowledge about the marble pillar.
What is Roman Column?
The Roman Column is made up of three parts: base, body and head. Different sizes and shapes consist different designs. Actually, the Roman Column comes from Ancient Greece. The Roman culture inherited the ancient Greek architecture system, the effect soon gets to all over the world.
What is the size of it?
The size of Roman Column is various, which is often effected by its usage. Such as the size diameter15cm is used for side of window, the size Diameter25cm is used for the side of door, the size Diameter30-50cm is used for big door, and so on.
The height is often nine or ten times than its diameter.
How much does it cost?
The price is much effected by its height and material. Here are some marble pillars on sale. Feel free to check the link and get what you want!


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Post time: Jun-19-2019

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