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What kind of materail bird baths you love most when you think of it? The Resin, the wooden, the plastic or the stone one?  Every one has its uniqueness. But we are strongly suggest that you purchase our natural stone bird bath for your garden.

We, Magic Stone, specialized in various natural stone bird bath. Such as Cobble Stone Boulder, Basalt Boulder, Granite, etc. Today we are going to share with you the top selling one in these years. Which we are calling them the granite bird bath. And our customes place one 20FCL of granite bird bath this week. Here share one photo in advance.

180803 birdbath









I love this bird bath because you can see that it’s made of real stone that looks very natural in the garden and blends nicely with any landscaping. Thanks to natural variations in the shape and color of the stone, each individual bird bath is unique. It is hand carved by our skilled sculptors. 

The basin is large enough for several birds to use at once and is not too deep at 4-5cm. The bottom is ground but not polished, so birds can get a good footing and the wide rim offers a nice place for them to land.

Don’t worry about the white finish in the product photo -that’s the hand ground stone finish. Once you put water it in, it will “pretty up” like any other wet rock and you’ll be able to see the beauty of the natural stone.

The granite boulder stone bird baths come in various sizes. Such as 35*35*35cm, 45*45*45cm, 55*55*55cm, etc. Except for the one with pedestal, we can also provide the bath directly. Please see the photo as follows.

210511 (5)











Extra Birdbath - 4pcs











No need to worry about cold-weather damage either – the natural boulders have already stood up to harsh weather for thousands of years, so you know this product will last forever.

On the down side, these quality products are expensive and so is the shipping. This product better be shipped by sea.

200604 Goods loading into container











Puting one granite bird bath is one of the best way to attract birds to your garden, is by providing water for them.  They will thank you when thirsty, but also when in need of a bath – to do essential cleaning and preening to keep feathers in tip-top condition.  You’ll find them queuing up to take their turn,  providing endless hours of watchable antics, flitting and sploshing in their Birdbath.

If you want to make your garden full of birds singing. Please do not hesitate Magic Stone to know more Natural Stone Bird Bath. My WhatsApp is +8618201248375.


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