Water Features – Magic Stone

This water fountain is divided into two layers, which represents the circle of heaven and earth. There is fairy dragon playing with the bead in the sky, and there is holy water filled in the earth. The sky is square and the earth is round, which implying square inner and round outer. There is a water called “San He”(in Chinese) between the heaven and earth, which meaning that a person can be able to achieve success one way or another. The design of this fountain can be said a treasure that can regulate “Feng Shui”, so that can make your business or family more prosperous.


And what about this water feature, it mainly depicts character, which shows the scene of love  between husband and wife. In the middle is their love crystal that has eternal light, indicating that the love between husband and wife is stronger than the gold. Also we can see their love is very deep from the design of fountain . So I believe this fountain can make your family more stable and happy.


For the two fountains, our designers and skilled craftsman, they really put a lot of effort into the fountains, so that’s why you can see such unique and creative fountain works.

Written by Michelle

Post time: Mar-03-2022

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