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How to decorate garden?

Compared with large-scale landscape design, courtyard or garden design is more small and delicate. It is also more reflected in the grasp of details.


What decorations are suitable for garden?

In the garden design, the running water feature is an indispensable scenic spot, and the gurgling sound of running water can instantly become the focus of the whole garden.


We are used to looking at those beautiful flowers and plants, but pay little attention to the sound of running water. We choose some water fountains in the courtyard, which are beautiful and interesting.


Between the turf and the wall, use some pebbles and gravels to fill in . Soft curves and patterns are displayed through pebbles and pebbles, which not only increase the beauty of the landscape, but also reflect the beauty of the intersection of two different levels.


In the garden design, some stone lanterns are placed to illuminate the whole garden at night, bringing a trace of warmth and a warm atmosphere.


Is it nice to put stone tables and chairs in the middle of the courtyard and talk and laugh with family and friends?


Placing some animal carvings statues on the grass will bring an interesting world.



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Post time: Jun-16-2022

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