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What does a lion statue mean?

The lion is the king of all animals, which gives people a sense of domineering. It symbolizes an auspicious, rich and sacred spirit. It can dissolve a variety of evil spirits. It is a very good mascot. The stone lion has the meaning of elimination evil. Therefore, we often see that it is placed at the gate to ward off evil spirits.


What do stone lion represent?

The stone lion shows the symbol of power and nobility.

Stone lions have always been a symbol of good luck and peace.


What is stone lion statue?

From ancient times to the present, stone lions have played an important role in the sculpture. Stone lion is a lion carved out of stone. Stone is originally cold without emotion, but the stone lion is a symbol of good luck and peace, which is deeply loved and favored by people.


Where to buy stone lion statue?

We Magic Stone supply all kinds of stone pair lion statue, like the walking lion with a ball or small lion, which is very popular. Different design has different meaning. Our stone material is pure marble not any hollow inside. And the most popular color is white and sunset red color. If you have the demand in animal statue, welcome to contact info@magicstonesculpture.com


written by Michelle Yan

Post time: May-24-2022

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