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Are fireplace ashes good for the garden?

Yes, of course, fireplace do good for garden. Firewood ash have many uses, among which there are many nutrients after burned. Mixing with water can be alkaline. The most commonly used is to be the natural nutrient fertilizer, which do very good for plants absorption and can neutralize the acidic substances in the soil.


Where fireplace parts?

 Mantel, facing, fire surround, hearth and firebox.


How to fire fireplace?

Put the dry firewood into a tent shape. Don't get too close between the firewood. Leave a gap for air circulation. Put the large firewood bottom and the small firewood top.

Ignite the small firewood with a comburant.


Will fireplace heat house?

The heating power of fireplace is far greater than that of all kinds of air conditioning and heating. Under the temperature of - 10 ℃, the indoor temperature of a 40-100 square meter house can rise to more than 20 ℃ after the fireplace is lit for about 10 minutes.


What fireplace to choose?

We suggest to choose the fireplace made of natural stone material. Because artificial can not withstand high temperature and may even release toxic gases, which do bad for body and environment. But natural stone fireplace not only can maintain for a long time, but also environmental protection.


We Magic Stone supply all kinds of fireplace, which all made by natural stone. Welcome to visit our website for more information.


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Post time: May-17-2022

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