What kind of natural stone works are we supplying?

People pay more and more attention to the health of home decoration. Most families will choose environment-friendly products when decorating. Especially for the decoration of the elderly and children's rooms, we need to be more stricter to the safety and health.


We are a exporting supplier, focusing on natural stone works which is very environment-friendly and beautiful. We use various natural stones to make exquisite stone carvings. Believing it is the necessary decoration for garden and courtyard.


Below products are what we are supplying now, which are suitable for home&garden decor and construction project. They are made of natural stone - granite, basalt, boulder, marble, etc.

1. Water feature
2. Bird bath
3. Animal carving statue
4. Planters/ Flower pots
5. Table sets/Chairs/Benches
6. Lantern/Light
7.Sink/Washing Basin

8. Bathtub

9. Fireplace

10.Human/Buddha Sculpture
11.Pebble/Gravel/Brick/Stepping Stone


These stone sculpture works are more and more popular these years. The value of stone works can not be replaced by any other artificial or mould products. Believing you will see the quality of handcrafted stone works will not be changed by time, instead it will make you more and more aware of its value as time goes by. 

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Written by Michelle

Post time: Aug-16-2022

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