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Is a water feature worth it?

My answer is yes, of course.

The stone carving water feature not only has the characteristics of hard, wear-resisting and strong weight of natural stone, but also its surface texture, strong plasticity and expressiveness, which can make it fully display various artistic styles.

Its natural decorative effect and artistic connotation in architecture and decorative space are unmatched by other decorative materials.


Why do people like water features?

The artistic texture of water feature is more natural and simple, which can truly achieve health and environmental protection. Natural stone water fountain can add finishing touches to your luxurious home villas, garden decor and courtyards, entertainment places, hotels and environmental art.


What stone material does water fountain often use?

Basalt column/ Basalt pillar has excellent compression resistance, good wear resistance, low water absorption, natural design and color. It can be well coordinated with the surrounding landscape. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor landscape decoration. Basalt can also be made into stepping stone. The most common color are black and gray color, yellow rusty color.


Granite water fountain: it has even structure, hard texture and beautiful color (it looks like the sesame or colorful dots)


Marble fountain: it is colorful with various colors and patterns. That’s why it is famous and precious. And people like to choose the very big marble fountain to place on the centre of garden, hotel or villas. It will highlight the grandness of these places. The color of marble water feature is basically the same. It has small color difference, and the pattern is a natural beauty.


Written by Michelle

Post time: Jun-14-2022

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