Why does the rock lamp get wet?

The rock lamp itself has a strong water absorption, absorbing the moisture in the air, and also absorbing the impurity of the combination of air and water, thereby purifying the air. The better the quality of the rock lamp is ,the stronger the water absorption is. If the rock lamp does not illuminate in the humid air for a long time, it will get wet. Please don't worry. After lighting the rock lamp, the dissolved part of the surface of the rock lamp will dissolve. The dissolution will not affect the rock lamp. If you do not use it for a long time, please use a sealed bag to prevent the rock lamp from air.

https://www.magicstonegarden.com/19192.html https://www.magicstonegarden.com/19192.html https://www.magicstonegarden.com/19192.html

How to save rock lamps: Rock lamps can absorb moisture, so please do not wash the rock lamps or put them outdoors. If there is a deliquescence, please light the rock lamp to keep it dry. In addition, please make sure all the wires dry before use. After using for a period of time, use a wet cloth or a wet sponge to remove the dirt or dust on the surface of the rock lamp.

Post time: Jun-03-2019

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