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what to put around a water feature?

You can place aquatic plants of different heights around the water pump. It usually needs some taller plants to attract eyeballs, some plump plants to fill the space and some extensible plants to add vivid lines.


If necessary, you can adjust the height of the plants by putting bricks or stones at the bottom of the pot. Now matter how you arrange the location of plants, remember to cover the middle water pump and the power cord behind.

To avoid not soiling the water fountain by the soil running out from the pot, you can press some pebbles on the surface of the pot.



Why have a water feature in a garden?

A gorgeous water feature can really transform a space and create an tranquility and serenity atmosphere as time goes by. Who doesn’t want to have a water fountain in their courtyard our garden. Listening to the soothing sounds of running water is a beautiful enjoyment. Placing a water feature in your courtyard will renew your spirits and let your space refreshed.

Water feature is not only a stand-along art work, but also can moistens the surrounding air, reduces the dust, lowers the temperature, beautifies your garden environment, and helps to relax one’s body and mind by allowing one to completely immerse oneself in nature and feel its beauty.


Written by Michelle

Post time: Mar-31-2022

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