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Stone planter is a common instrument for planting flowers in our life. It is an indispensable ornament for modern urban construction and one of our favorite ornaments. Stone flowerpots and flowers echo each other, setting off a beautiful picture.


Which planter is the best?

The stone carved flower vase not only has the characteristics of hard, wear-resisting and strong sense of weight made of natural stone, but also has the surface texture, strong plasticity and expressiveness, which can make the flowerpot show a variety of different artistic styles.


Stone flower pot is mainly used in gardens, landscapes, private gardens, courtyards, community greening, hotels, holiday village and other venues. We can design all kinds of planters according to the environment. Different types can also be used in different places according to their unique characteristics.


Which flower pot is best for plants?

We mainly supply 3 stone materials: granite, marble and boulder. Stone flower pot do good for plants as it is the gift of mother earth, and it formed underground millions of years, it is a part of nature.


Marble planters: the surface pattern of the marble flowerpot are ever-changing. They can made into various styles and types: European flowerpot, modern flowerpot, classical flowerpot, round flowerpot, rectangular flowerpot and square flowerpot. Also, animals and figures can be carved on the marble planter .



Granite planters: granite is characterized by hard texture and wear resistance, and its color is generally uniform. We mainly use sesame black and sesame white to make flower pots.


Boulder flower pots/ rock stone flower pots: we will dig a hole in the middle of rock stones to made into flower pots. People like its color with less processing, which kept its natural texture.


Why is planter an important decoration in garden?

Flowerpot is an indispensable landscape decoration. People can take a walk here to enjoy the scenery, enjoy leisure and feel the charm. People can sit on the park bench to read, and wander in the sea of books and flowers. The scattered green belts, various green plants and exquisite layout have expanded people's happy living space. All kinds of flowers and plants have strong vitality. It is pleasing to the eyes and makes people feel happy.

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Post time: Jun-23-2022

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